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Durability and perfection is in the detail
Many years of experience and confirmation in serial production are reflected in our components. Visible in the finest details. Even the smallest radii or light-colored surfaces can be produced with a high level of quality, thus setting the base for sophisticated interiors of perceptible perfection and functional durability.

Durability without compromise
Clear statements for an excellent product. Our market-proven aliphatic polyurethane is the best choice of materials from the design to the production process – and long afterwards.



Innovations for a new way of thinking
The automobile means quality of life for modern man. Individual mobility requires realistic solutions in ecology-minded car production. Our PU interiors are the answer to future needs.

Ecology without compromises
The balance between sophisticated interiors and high ecological responsibility is given priority by RECTICEL. From efficient production to trend-setting components.



Less weight – less CO2
CompoLite® parts reduce the weight of the vehicle considerably. This lightweight substrate may be perfectly combined with a variety of decorative materials.


Built-in weight reduction
CompoLite® components are produced by the Recticel spray process, either as component substrate or as decorative parts ready to install.

Compared to conventional substrates, CompoLite® substrates are much more lightweight while keeping comparable mechanical properties and crash behavior, and thus contribute to an effective reduction of car weight.



Technical information on CompoLite®

Thickness 3,5 mm 

Surface weight 1300 g/m2

Impact performance 30 KJ/m2

E-modulus 3000 N/m2

Flexural modulus 4000 Nmm

Water absorption < 4 %

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